Highlight your search keywords for MLM

Highlight your search keywords for MLM

Safe and effective use of medicines is a crucial objective of pharmacovigilance. Published medical literature is a well-recognized and valuable source of information about pharmaceutical products. Important data about new types of adverse drug reactions may first appear as published individual case reports. Literature monitoring includes published articles and reviews in indexed or non-indexed journals, posters and conference abstracts, etc. As can be imagined, this process is drawn-out and slow, with multiple possibilities for human error. The increasing number of data sources and regulatory requirements can make this process daunting.

Pharmacovigilance specialists must read through hundreds of publications daily and identify safety concerns. This process is very time-consuming and laborious, one of the significant challenges that pharmacovigilance specialists face. Therefore, literature monitoring solutions should simplify the work of drug safety specialists. The process of literature screening should be as convenient as possible.

Highlight your search keywords with DrugCard Spotlight

Initially, the DrugCard platform saved pharmacovigilance specialists from the routine search for articles. The platform automatically screens all sources for the presence of keywords in publications. At the same time, the modern and intuitive interface of the DrugCard platform allows users to concentrate on article analysis and assessment.

The next step to speed up the process was automatically highlighting keywords in the article. The Ctrl+F key combination and manual search for keywords are a thing of the past. We call this system DrugCard Spotlight. Highlights are bullet points that save time when you are rereading the article. The platform shows all the keywords on the top bar when you open an article. Near each keyword, there is a numerical indicator of the article’s number of words. Clicking on the arrows next to the word navigates through the text, highlighting the word.

Highlight search keywords to save time

DrugCard Spotlight saves time for the literature monitoring process. As always, our customer reviews speak for themselves. According to their estimates, viewing an article now takes 2-3 times less time. So, now not only searching for articles is needless, but you don’t have to spend time searching for the keywords.

Our clients are thrilled with this new feature – less time reading articles and more time for clinical analysis. You can see how it works in more detail on our YouTube channel.

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