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What has changed in the last 3-5 years and how this affected
the industry

Growth has slowed down as new aggressive entrants with AI-tech shake the status quo.

Tech / digital age

New heavy investments have longer paybacks while the change cycles have shrinked.

Audits / regulatory pressure

Number of audits have increased. More and more non-compliance cases and mitigations.

People costs are rising

Good people leaving increases the retention costs, while the new talent costs more. Heavy investments in staff training and onboarding new talents.

New pinches strike harder
and harder

People are stressed and it is hard to predict their buying behaviors. Adverse reactions become more frequent.

Entering new markets

Entering new markets has become longer, less predictable, and more costly.

Global pressures dictate new requirements to drug safety processes

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Time savings

Compared to human-only approach

Our Management Team

Artem Horilyk

Chief Product Officer

Dmytro Horilyk

Chief Executive Officer

Myroslav Demchun

Chief Technology Officer

DrugCard solution designed for

CROs can manage more PV projects and improve screening results

When pharma outsource PV processes to CROs, they expect the highest quality and maximum search results to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements. CROs can no longer guarantee best results if they continue to read journals from cover to cover manually. Progressive CROs continuously discover innovative methods and tools to make their pharma customers fully compliant and satisfied.       


Trusted customers that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect

"Phenomenal tool that saves time and does local literature screening instead of you. The cost is minimal in comparison to the level of results it can give."

— Valentina Eremenko
PV Freelancer
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DrugCard has helped our team put MLM process on autopilot. It is simple to use and free up time for other tasks. I would highly recommend it to all PV services vendors

Natalka Ischuk
Owner, PV Systems
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We need a solution for screening local literature from CIS countries. And your product is exactly what we need.

Vladyslav Vesna
Deputy QPPV, PV Team Leader Farmak

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on our customer feedback 50-70% time-savings could be achieved. However, we strongly welcome that planned time and cost savings were calculated for each project individually. Suppose it takes 30 minutes to read and another 5 more minutes to properly record evidence of reading, with DrugCard it would take only 3 minutes max, which is almost 10 times less.

Yes, we often face requests from our customers to help them screen printed hard copies of journals with scan quality being far from perfect. We use our own propitiatory OCR technology which delivers up to 99% accuracy of average quality scanned texts.

Yes, screening medical literature in local languages is DrugCards main competitive strength.  To date we successfully read 100+ languages and already covered 400+ local journals. It means you can add search keywords in Greek, Hindu, Arabic, Japanese hieroglyphics, you name it.

Yes. Once DrugCard identifies new drug mentioning in any local journal you will get an instant notification by email. On top you will receive weekly summary reports to make your life easier during audits and regulatory inspections.

On average it takes up to 2-3 weeks. Of course it depends on a particular country and a number of journals to be added. We once managed to add 100 custom journals for one of our clients in just a matter of 1 month.  But again, on average you should consider  time to add new pack of journals in just 2-3 weeks.

It took us one year and a team of 5 people to develop the core. And 2 more years and 6 more people to make the platform friendly, reliable, bug-free, responsive and regulatory compliant. Hypothetically you could follow the same journey, but developing such a platform just for 1 company would be very costly and counter effective.

We have seen cases where a significant part of daily routine of PV specialists was freed and redirected to more intelligent work like signal detection, risk assessment, ICSR & case follow up activities, quality control, etc. It is our strong belief that such rare expertise as pharmacovigilance should never be used for something that could be automated.

We see our main competition to be manual literature screening processes and lack of willingness to change.  Even though some companies say they are happy with reading journals from cover to cover, our undisputed strengths would be (1) three to five times more hits discovered, (2) 50-70% time saved on screening (3) 99% accuracy of keywords recognition of average scanned texts. And since every project is different we invite you to have a discussion and design your specific use case.

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