Empowering Pharmacovigilance Professionals with DrugCard’s Latest Innovations

Empowering Pharmacovigilance Professionals with DrugCard’s Latest Innovations

In today’s rapidly changing pharmacovigilance world, staying ahead of the curve demands continual innovation and adaptability. DrugCard, a prominent platform for pharmacovigilance professionals, has recently been substantially updated. Are you familiar with the movie ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’? One of our clients recently likened their experience with the DrugCard platform post-update to the pace of this film. They summarized it as ‘Read an article in 60 seconds’. This update unveils new features aimed at streamlining processes, boosting efficiency, and empowering users. These features provide unparalleled capabilities for monitoring and analyzing medical literature.

Refining Keywords for Precise Literature Monitoring

At the forefront of these enhancements is DrugCard’s newly introduced keyword-narrowing feature within the literature monitoring module. This groundbreaking addition allows users to fine-tune their search results by specifying additional keywords, enabling more precise and targeted searches. By narrowing search parameters, pharmacovigilance professionals can efficiently sift through extensive volumes of literature. This allows them to swiftly identify relevant articles and reports while conserving valuable time and resources.

Deepened Product Insights for Pharmacovigilance Professionals

Moreover, DrugCard now incorporates vital information about the creation date of medicinal products directly within the product card. This invaluable addition equips users with insights into the lifecycle of pharmaceuticals under scrutiny. Furthermore, it empowers them to evaluate drug safety profiles and audit traceability.

Efficient Data Management Through Exporting Options

Another standout improvement in DrugCard’s latest update is the ability to export lists of categorized articles and knowledge base entries to Excel. This functionality streamlines data management and analysis, enabling pharmacovigilance professionals to organize and manipulate information according to their unique requirements and preferences. Additionally, including an export option for the search log enhances transparency and accountability in pharmacovigilance practices, allowing users to track and document their search activities meticulously.

Expansion of Sources: Comprehensive Coverage

In addition to these advancements, DrugCard has broadened its spectrum of screening sources, incorporating new channels to enrich its database with diverse and current information. Upholding its commitment to comprehensive coverage of medical literature, DrugCard has expanded its collection of journals. This expansion includes recent publications from Ukraine, Spain, and Greece. With a vast repository now comprising more than 700 local journals and an additional 65 pages dedicated to regulatory authorities, DrugCard offers unrivalled access to a wealth of information from across the globe. This extensive collection ensures that pharmacovigilance professionals have access to a comprehensive range of resources for their work.

Advancing Pharmacovigilance Practices for Professionals

In summary, the latest update to DrugCard marks a significant leap forward in the realm of pharmacovigilance. It equips users with cutting-edge tools and capabilities to navigate the complexities of drug safety monitoring with precision and ease. With its fusion of advanced technology and unwavering commitment to excellence, DrugCard sets the standard for pharmacovigilance platforms. It empowers users to ensure patient and drug safety worldwide.

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